No Software

Just sign up and start using Who's Up. It works with most any modern web browser on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

Configurable Up System

The easy to use up-list is as simple as paper and pencil, yet with all power you would expect from a modern cloud app. It has flexible and configurable workflows to match most any rules for handling ups, be-backs, phone pops, stacking and more.


Don't let valuable leads just walk out the door with no way to follow-up and close them. Who's Up includes an easy to use CRM that allows your salespeople to enter contact info, interested in merchandise, potential sales amount, and probability to purchase.


Every action and status is logged so you know exactly what your sales people are doing, when they did it, and for how long. Use the reports to build the most efficent team possible.

Mobile Apps

Native iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps show your sales team the current up-list from anywhere, send push notifications any time they move up the list, and allows them to enter and work contacts.


Lock down the kiosk username and password so it can only be used on the PC or mobile device you use on the sales floor. Who's Up uses SSL to protect your data at all times.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a personalized walk-through of all the features and a no-obligation trial for your sales team.

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