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    Get Your Sales Team In Line
    Easy configurable up-list on web, iPhone, and
    Android devices eliminates confusion and
    brings harmony to your sales team.
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    Follow Up and Make the Sale
    Powerful CRM reminds salespeople to follow
    up on opporunities with leads and new
    customers to generate more sales.
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    Coach Teams to Improve Performance
    Reports show performance of each salesperson,
    reveal the objections that are preventing sales,
    show where staffing levels can be optimized, and more...
A simple retail up system, powerful contact manager / CRM, and intuitive reports that help you build more profitable sales teams.

Who's Up provides a full featured retail up system that manages your up-list, shows the status of all sales people, and tracks time spent with walk-ins, be-backs and other sales tasks. It includes a powerful yet simple CRM that allows your salespeople to enter, track and manage customer contacts including the value of their pipeline and probability to purchase. Automated drip emails ensure every customer gets a follow-up. Daily emails and push notifications remind salespeople to follow up. A suite of reports show you the performance of your individual salespeople, allow you to compare metrics between stores, see individual sales activities, show you when you're under and over staffed, and much more.

Retail Up System

Up List
As easy to learn as paper and pencil and even easier to use. Customizable work-flows for how your team handles ups, be-backs, phone pops, stacking, and more.

Down List
Visibility of who’s on break, out on delivery, in the warehouse, out to lunch, or any other status you want to track. Timestamps let you know how long they’ve been there.

Next Shift
Scheduling the starting position of salespeople arriving early for an upcoming shift has never been easier. When the shift starts, they all move onto the up-list in the order they arrived, without a single argument.

Unattended Customers
Perfect for open floor times, all salespeople see when there are unattended customers in the store, along with their descriptions. When they become available, salespeople can easily spot and assist customers who aren't being assisted.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Contact Manager
Each salesperson enters and manages their own leads. All leads flow back to a central database that admins and managers have full access to review.

Daily Task List
Set reminders to follow up with customers and receive daily emails with the list of who to follow-up with and when. Hourly push notifications remind salespeople when follow-ups are past due.

Automatic Marketing Emails
Drip marketing emails are sent to new contacts automatically. You control the messaging and schedule of when they’re sent.

Track Follow-Up Activity
Each contact has its own time-line of activity. Drip emails, scheduled and completed follow-ups, daily activities, and other events all appear, showing a history of everything that has been done to make the sale.

Analytics and Reports

Performance Metrics
ps, be-backs, time spent with customers, number of leads each person is generating, along with their follow-up activity. Compare stats by individual salespeople or by stores.

Incorporate Sales Data
Import sales data from your POS and get additional insights into your team’s performance. Know each salesperson’s dollars per up, dollars per contact, up conversion rate and more.

Manage Staffing
Floor Coverage report shows you exactly when your peaks and lulls are on every day. See where you’re under, and over staffed.

Overcome Objections
Know exactly which objections salespeople are struggling with so you can provide them the training and coaching to overcome them and make the sale.

What our customers are saying...

“Who’s Up has totally changed the way we manage our sales teams. We have complete visibility into how each salesperson is performing. Since we started using the system, our close rates have improved, our sales team is happier, and the sales floor operates more efficiently with far fewer disagreements.

Bryan Dyson Bob Mills Furniture

“The CRM features of Who’s Up have allowed us to close more business by capturing leads and following up with marketing and special events targeted at the customers who are most likely to purchase.”

Joshua Hudson Hudson's Furniture

“The freedom of the mobile apps has allowed ours salespeople to be more attentive to our customers. There’s no more confusion about who’s available, and the reports we get have provided us valuable information we’ve used to make our team more profitable.”

Jason Bently Boulevard Home Furnishings